Saturday, 7 March 2009

"Never save anything for the swim back"

Seems an appropriate motto for a cross channel swim, not so appropriate if I was doing a two way crossing but fortunately I'm not. The quote comes from the movie Gattaca, two brothers swim out to sea against each other, the winner is the one who doesn't turn back first. When the stronger brother asks his weaker brother how he is managing to keep going he answers, "I never saved anything for the swim back". It is a favourite quote and motivating tool when I am pounding the laps. Another 8.5km this morning, this time I arrived a bit earlier so avoided being ejected from the pool. Two random swimmers asked me if I was swimming the channel, I've only mentioned it to one person at the local pool so either I'm giving off some strange vibe or word has got around. Of course it could have been the goose fat that I had laddled onto my torso this morning. Actually at 30 degrees no extra insulation is needed. A little scary to consider that the channel is likely to be approximately half that temperature.
This month my ocean swimming starts in earnest. Alright it is in Australia and at the tail end of summer so I'm not pushing the boat right out, but it will still be 10 degrees cooler than the indoor pool swimming in the UK. By the time I get back the open water swimming will be starting over here so that's when it gets really serious (cold).
Incidently I finished the kitchen tiling last weekend (see previous posts). Turns out I might think I'm a serious athlete but that doesn't get me out of the DIY chores. Apparently you have to have been a dedicated athlete before marriage for that excuse to carry any weight. Someone should write these rules down.


  1. Have posted this on Swimclub for you, Ollie - see Wildswimming Forum on

  2. Ollie,

    dont worry about getting pool time down at cheltenham lesiure centre, I was lucky to get one decent hour a morning because of the 'heads up' brigade whilst training for my swim in 2007 (by the way one of the lifeguards there also swum in 2007)
    There is also a lady from cheltenham attempting in 2009, as well as a relay team from tewkesbury (with another potential soloist on 2010)

    And I know 3 others from gloucestershire who all got across so you can't let the county down!

    good luck (you will need it!)