Thursday, 30 June 2016

20 days done, 10 to go

20 consecutive marathon swims now completed. 2/3rds of ‪#‎30marathonswims30days‬ done. Feels like a different muscle group is complaining every day now. Some stats - 20 days, 200km swum, 4000 lengths of the 50m Sandford Parks Lido. Amount of weight loss - 0kg (I'm replacing calories very successfully). Number of lengths breaststroke = 0. Tomorrow is day 21 and is dedicated to the Black Rock Ice-Bergers in Melbourne. Too many English Channel swimmers to count, great bunch of cold water, long distance swimming enthusiasts. Led by the wonderful Albert Bardoel, if you want to get into open water swimming in Melbourne this is where to go to. Just leave your wetsuit at home.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

190km in, 30 x 300m is a great way to pass the time.

Day 19 today. This morning's exciting 10km set was a 1km warm up followed by 30 x 300m. Think I'm running out of imagination as the days go by. Thanks to Kim Boon for sticking out the majority of them and the lovely Vickie for jumping in at the end. Tomorrow is a milestone - day 20, 200km and 2/3rd distance. I'm dedicating tomorrow to a group of American long distance swimmers I met and swam with from Spain to Africa. Darren Miller, Jamie Patrick, Jen Schumacher, Kimberly Plewa and Michelle Nelson. Should be back in the water about 1pm tomorrow.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Day 18 - is 6km a warm up?

It seemed to take me 6km just to get going today, finally the shoulders loosened up and the next 4kms felt quite good. I have a lot of built up muscle fatigue now. That's 3600 laps swum out of 6000 or 180km in 18days, just 12 more to go. Tomorrow's swim is another early 6.30am start and is dedicated to Simon Wintle. Simon is my personal soigneur! Apart from providing some much needed sports massage he was an absolutely critical part of our Arch to Arc team last year. If he didn't like swimming breaststroke so much he would be a really top bloke. See you tomorrow Simon, thanks again.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Day 17 - a struggle to get up this morning!

Day 17 and another 10km swim completed. Great work from David James who stuck in till the end this morning swimming with me. Back tomorrow at 9.30am for number 18. Tomorrow's swim is dedicated to the BLDSA - the British Long Distance Swim Association. Swimming in BLDSA events got me started in long distance swimming and I still love their races, the history and the camaraderie. If you want to get into open water swimming in the UK this is where it all began.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Day 16 - 3200 laps of swimming

Day 16. 160km swum, 3200 laps of the Sandford Lido. Lovely to see the Beechams and Briffetts at the end. Enjoyed swimming with Ade and Rhian, makes the kms tick over much more quickly! Back tomorrow morning at 6.30am for day 17 and another 10km of swimming. Tomorrow I'm dedicating the swim to the Powerpoints Masters Swim Club. One of, if not the best masters swim club in Australia! Loved training with and being a member of Powerpoints. So many friendly, welcoming members and great swimmers. 30marathonswims30days.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Halfway! Only another 150km to go.

So another 10km swum, that's half way of my 30 marathon swims in 30 days. 150km in the last 15 days. Thanks to Kate Nimmo and Paul Bates who kept me company at the start and Gloucester Masters for the last 4km. Tomorrow I'll be starting at 11am for number 16. This is all in aid of and to raise money for the Sandford Parks Lido here in Cheltenham, a fantastic community facility that I hope will be around for another 80 years.

Tomorrow's swim is dedicated to Richard and Devon Clifford, a swimming dynasty in NY. Richard was my guide and paddle support when I set the Manhattan record and has an unparalleled record of swimming support in the open water swimming world. Devon is his lovely daughter and is swimming in the world famous 8 bridges swim starting tomorrow, good luck Devon, see you guys soon I hope.

Paul Bates and myself at the Lido. 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 14 - 2 weeks in, unilateral breathing and more aching shoulders

Week 1 was about getting into a groove, getting that niggling rib injury to settle and trying not to get carried away. Week 2 has been about managing the increasingly achy shoulders and fatiguing body. I made what I thought was a sensible decision to do as much bilateral breathing as possible in the first week. Partly because I have always been nagged by various swim coaches that my one-sided breathing was the cause of various right shoulder issues, and partly because I was starting this 30 days of marathon swimming with an existing rib and back injury on my right side. So one week in I was pleased that the rib and back were settling but I was struggling big time with an increasingly painful left shoulder. The only thing I was doing differently was the bilateral breathing so I ditched it and went back to just breathing to the left side. Can't say the left shoulder is fixed but it has stopped getting worse so hopefully it will stay at this level for the next 2 weeks. On the plus side I'm starting to sleep better, I think that is the increasing fatigue catching up with me. Halfway tomorrow.

Day 14 update - Woke up to a bit of a shock this morning but still managed to swim another marathon - day 14 done, 140km swum in the last 2 weeks. That's most of the way from England to Brussels! Great support from Lisa Jones who swam another 10km with me. Tomorrow is half way - number 15. I'm dedicating number 15 to Rob Sheldon, Mike Beecham, Finn Fraser and Hugo Hedley. These great guys have supported me across the English Channel, along Windermere and across Torbay. Great support is vital to any successful swim, and I'm very grateful to all these guys.