Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Speedo swimsuit size = barrel

I have a few pool competitions this year and have decided to retire my now rather threadbare fastskin swim suit. I was trying to work out my size on the speedo sizing chart and discovered that I don't comfortably fit into their S, M, L, XL range. My height and leg length seems to put me into a medium suit but my chest and waist are somewhat off the top of the scale. With all the training I have gained 4 inches around the chest (44inch) and all the eating has given me an extra 2 around the waist. I am officially a barrel size, or as my wife gleefully suggested 'squat'. Strangely 'barrel' or 'squat' are not part of the official sizing chart. I'll probably just stick with medium and hope the zip doesn't give way with all the strain required to keep my man boobs in check. Of course I could just stick with the budgy smugglers, maybe I'll wear them on the outside?


  1. Glad to see that all that eating is paying off. You would have needed it at Fitzroy this morning, we swam in hail. Tell your wife all those woosy triathletes stayed in bed!

  2. Clearly you are now the fattest twin. VJ will have to think of something that rhyme's with Matt that's not fat. We could start calling you Ol the fat troll.