Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I made it!!!!!

This is the briefest of posts as I will go into more details when I have had a chance to sleep and reflect on what was without doubt the hardest, most mentally draining experience of my life. I am so so glad to have completed the swim, my crew (wife, father-in-law, and friend Rob) were brilliant, Alison and her crew were sensational and helped sort me when the guts went pear shaped and the observe Andy Dickson was just a wonderful helpful encouraging force.

I landed just South of CGN, having been swept slightly past the point by the big tide, in a time of 11hrs 6min. I am just literally over the moon to have completed what had become an all consuming obsession this year.

More to come..........


  1. congrats Ollie

    brilliant time and swim

    well worht the wait


  2. You are a megastar! Dame Edna pales beside you.