Wednesday, 11 July 2012

42.2km Swim Set

All right these are the projected swim sets to make up a 42.2km pool session -

6am -  Warm up = 4km

7am - 100 x 100m; 10 on 1min 35s, 10 on 1.30, 10 on 1.25 repeat = 10km

9.30am - Swim squad 100m, 1x100m, 200m, 2x 100m, 300m, 3 x 100m, 400m, 4 x 100m, 500m, 5 x 100m, 600m, 6 x 100m, 700m, 7 x 100m. 400m easy = 6km

11am - Main set! 1000m x 1, 900m x 2, 800m x 3, 700m x 4, 600m x 5, 500m x 6, 400m x 7, 300m x 8, 200m x 9, 100m x 10 = 22km

Whenever200m swim down

Total = 42.2km/26.2miles.

Anyone fancy joining me?????


  1. Well done Ollie.
    Mind blowing stuff!
    Not only did you do it, you did it smiling all the way.

  2. Wow, Best of luck......

  3. Wow! That is a massive swim set. I hope it all went well. I am a sprinter and the largest session I have done is 10km. That set is truly amazing.

  4. thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice posting "swim-set " .. This is the first time I have come across your-site. Post info, I’ll be back soon. Thanks!