Friday, 8 July 2016

28th marathon swim done

This morning was the 28th consecutive marathon swim. Only two more to go now. I needed Vickie there for the 2nd half to keep me going when I started flagging. Back tomorrow morning for the penultimate swim marathon. Tomorrow's marathon swim is dedicated simply to the Sandford Parks Lido. The whole reason to do these swims was to support and raise some money for this wonderful community facility. We've had some good local media coverage and great local support. Hopefully they'll be able to put the money raised towards the ongoing refurbishments that are needed in this 80 year old Lido. With ongoing support I hope it'll still be going in another 80 years! Many thanks to everyone at the Lido, particularly Keith Norris and Julie Sargent, Adam and Iain and all the life guards who cheer me on when I'm the only one left in the pool!

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