Sunday, 3 July 2016

1 week to go - only 7 more marathon swims left!

Day 23 of ‪#‎30marathonswims30days‬. Only one more week to go. Had great company today - the awesome foursome kept me going of Kate Nimmo, Paul Smith, Howard James and Simon Griffiths. All phenomenal swimmers and honoured to have their company. Nice photo of my current goggle tan which is only going to get worse! Thanks also to David Granger and Vickie who supported us today. Looking forward to my last week of 10km swims. Back tomorrow at 6.30am….again. Tomorrow is dedicated to two outstanding swim coaches - Simon Cooper and Kevin Walters. I don't often swim with a club these days but if these guys are coaching I'm very happy to turn up. Thanks for all the encouragement and support guys.
Goggle Tan - so cool…...
Awesome Foursome and me 

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