Monday, 3 August 2009

Spewtastic Dover and Lake Windermere is on!

I have had some big weekends down in Dover harbour. Two 6hr swims, Saturday and Sunday a fortnight ago and a 6hour and a 3hour this weekend. I know what your thinking, why only a 3hour swim? Well I am now in quick taper mode for a 2-way Windermere swim this weekend: 21miles, fresh water, overnight. I didn't receive confirmation until today and to be honest I wasn't sure if I was happy or disappointed to discover my application had been received and accepted. But it's too late to back out now. I was first motivated to enter after the Champion of Champions race at the end of June when I caught up with Mike Read (33 English channel crossings and a 4-way Windermere under his belt). He said if you can swim a 2-way Windermere you can swim the channel. It also gives you some much needed practice of feeding and night swimming (lots of that). After some encouraging feedback from other channel swimmers I decided to enter and have roped in my wife Vickie, my cousin's husband Grant and a friend Hugo to be my support/rowing crew.
I am hoping the guts are a bit happier in the fresh water than on the weekend. Several spectacular vomits in Dover harbour. Possibly the salt water or maybe the chocolate rolls they feed you on the hour. I am hoping for a calmer digestive experience. I have also invested in some channel grease for the swim - I intend to lather it on like plaster. The more insulation the better, still not very keen on the c.c.c.c.cold.

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