Monday, 24 August 2009

Weather forecast not looking great!

I had a wonderful weekend in Dover just gone. The sun shone all day Sat and Sunday. I met up with a doctor from Australia - Stuart, who is over to swim the channel and for the first time I had someone to swim with which made the time go much more quickly. I swam 3hrs both days and when I got out on Sunday I didn't even feel cold. However the weather forecast for this week has taken a dive and it doesn't look great for many crossings at this stage. My pilot also has an extra swimmer to get across so I would be very unlikely to go before the start of next week or maybe not even until the next tide in another 2 weeks (my original tidal window). I'm not too worried about it, I haven't booked time off work because I knew it could be unpredictable. The major disadvantage is that schools go back and Vickie will be back at work which makes things trickier if I get a call at short notice. Such is the nature of channel swimming. We'll just have to wait and see..............


  1. Ollie, can't see how to contact you, want to cover your Channel swim for Gloucester Likal, somehow.

  2. Idiot me -

  3. Good luck Ollie. Just found your blog. When you do go, a great tip given to me before my first swim in 2007 - Just put one arm in front of the other and keep going until you get to France". It's that simple". Cheers. Hoffy.