Friday, 17 June 2016

1 week in - poor sleep and aching shoulders

So I've done 7 marathon swims now. My back, ribs and shoulders are aching about as much as to be expected after 70km of swimming in 7 days. The left shoulder is grumbling a little more than I'd like but still feels manageable at the moment and doesn't bother me while swimming, just afterwards. The most curious problem I have had is an inability to sleep well which I didn't expect. It's the one thing I thought I'd have no problems with, if anything I thought I'd be out like a light and struggling to get up in the mornings. Instead I find myself waking up throughout the night and wide awake before the alarm has gone off. Unlike the shoulders, I suspect as the month progresses this sleep problem will sort itself out.
That's 70km swum now in 7 days (23 to go). Thanks to David James and Lisa Jones who kept me company in the water. Thanks to Penny, Karen, Victoria and Antonia who hung around to cheer me at the end. Tomorrow I'm dedicating the swim to Ron Coltman aka Mr Lido. Ron was ever-present at the lido for decades and tomorrow is Ron's rescue day at the lido. I know he would have approved of this little fund-raising event for the Sandford Parks Lido

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